Write 30+ words about how nuwer’s article about normalcy affects your understanding of miner’s nacirema.

Respond to this discussion board regarding these readings:
1.) Write a 40+ word summary about Miner’s article as if you do not know the Nacirema are Americas. What does the article seem to be about on a surface level? What is Miner’s main claim about the Nacirema? What specific moments support that claim?
2.) Write a 40+ word summary of any reactions you have had to learn the Nacirema are Americans.
3.) What are two rituals Miner discusses that you find interesting? What type of language does he use and how does it affect your understanding of the ritual? What do you believe he was referring to?
4.) What are two rituals you’re still unsure about? Or, if you think you know what all the rituals are, what are two you’d like to discuss further?
5.) Write 30+ words about how Nuwer’s article about normalcy affects your understanding of Miner’s Nacirema.
6.) . Write 30+ words reflecting on the entire experience today.
(Make sure all these answers do not reach LESS than 200 words. IT MUST BE 200 WORDS+)
If you need the readings let me know and I will forward the documents if you can’t get them online.

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