write a 4-page research paper and can choose from one of the topics below and mu

write a 4-page research paper and can choose from one of the topics below and must address all components of the art form as it pertains to hip-hop. All papers must have three sources including an online source, a book, and a scholarly journal article. Chicago style citation format is required for this paper. Please select one of the topics below.
1. Transition Into Hop-Hop
Review the transition of blues and jazz music into the modern hip-hop genre, focusing on the specific cultural references that highlighted the blues and jazz periods and how they relate to modern hip-hop cultural ideals. Through your research, ask yourself what blues and jazz musicians were trying to say about their culture, why they were disallowed from saying it in other ways and what was the significance to their culture at the time. Apply those same criteria to modern hip-hop and discuss what this transition may mean in regards to the changing cultural times.
2. Opposition
Read through information presented by the harshest critics of the hip-hop genre, focusing on specific trends and universal objections. Once you have distilled the criticism down to a few specific subjects, look for evidence of these criticisms, evaluating the evidence you find to determine if the criticism is accurate, then question the severity of the criticism to determine if the problem that the critic identified is a serious concern.

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