write a hypothetical statement.’

Part 1: CIT Interviews
The interviews should be used to explore the question of whether or not employees have experienced that their organization’s compensation and benefits plans improve their overall well-being at work.
Consider what you expect your findings will be from the interviews and write a hypothetical statement.’
Using the CIT research methodology, prepare a list of 10 open-ended questions regarding an individual’s direct personal experience with the compensation and benefits in their workplace.
Conduct a minimum of three interviews with people from your subgroup.
As the interviewer, pose the 10 interview questions to the three respondents. Take written notes in question-and-answer format; this is your research data. You might also want to record the interview, with your interviewee’s consent.
Part 2: Summary Report
Write a summary report (750-1,000 words) about the information collected during the interview process, drawing connections between what the people in the subgroup were reporting about their experiences with compensation and benefits in their workplace.
The report should include a discussion of the participants’ descriptions of the meaning of the incidents described during the interview process; are organizations providing compensation and benefits that improve the well-being of the employee(s) at work. Does the data collected support your hypothetical or not?
Explain whether the data from the interviews match any current literature on the subject of compensation and benefits. Use a minimum of four scholarly resources for evidentiary support.
The summary report should also include the raw data collected (one appendix ) for each interview in question-and-answer format.
Do not need to include questions on this, just the report and raw data collection.
https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ858080.pdf – use as the reference

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