Write a paper no less than 750 words in proper mla format.

Prompt: Think about interrelated topics and systems in this world and describe how one thing affects another. This may first take the form of a question. For example: Why are gas prices so high right now? One possible answer (among many other possible answers), is that inflationary pressures due to federal economic policy during the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with an unexpected war in Ukraine have led to higher gas prices in the United States. Another, simpler example: Why is global warming such a big deal? The obvious answer is that the possibility exists for humans to exterminate themselves through the misuse of fossil fuels and pollution. Then, you would explain exactly how that scenario could play out. Choose your own topic that has a cause/effect relationship and explain how it is related and why it is relevant (why is it important?). Write a paper no less than 750 words in proper MLA format. You must include at least 3 references to support your claims. This paper MUST include a Works Cited page.

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