write a successful Proposal Argument of about 1,200 words ***Topic** *****U.S. C

write a successful Proposal Argument of about 1,200 words
*****U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should not be authorized to confiscate phones or computers without a warrant. ****
You are trying to persuade your reader. Arguing to persuade means advocating for a specific kind of action to be taken to solve a local or state problem or national issue. [for example, for/against a proposed piece of legislation concerning casino gambling in Maryland or a proposal that CSM change its coffee-buying process to do business with companies that insist on fair-trade policies.] Show that the proposal for action addresses the need or problem and show that the proposal is workable or feasible. Give evidence to show that your solution will work.
On a topic that is written about in contemporary (2010-present) periodicals and journals.
Centered around a thesis generated by you and approved by me. The sooner the better
Documented properly, using in-text citations and a Works Cited area, according to MLA guidelines (You must correctly quote from at least three sources) On a topic that is written about in contemporary (2010-present) periodicals and journals.
Use at least 3 of the following 8 sentence templates. If possible, highlight these sentence starters in your essay :
(Insert author’s name here)……..asserts that……….
One expert on this issue is ………., who says this: ……….
I agree with/ disagree with (insert author’s name) when he says………….because……….
Though I concede………, I must insist that ……………….
Some readers may challenge my view by asserting that………For example, credible source says this: …………..My response is this: ………
This issue is important because…………….
I agree with (name credible source) …………. and will make the additional point that….
The future of this issue is this: ………….
Brief success criteria checklist:
I had my topic approved/reviewed.
I looked at examples on page 300.
I used sentence stems (3) for effectiveness and balance.
I followed guidelines for this assignment as provided by the book.
I used a minimum of 3 sources.
I correctly quotes my sources.
I correctly cited the sources I used.
I included a Works Cited page.
I ran a spell and grammar check.
I uploaded the document properly as a MS Word Attachment.SENTENCE TEMPLATES

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