Write a two-or-three page persuasive essay. Begin with your thesis and a brief l

Write a two-or-three page persuasive essay. Begin with your thesis and a brief list of your arguments. The body paragraphs
that follow then should discuss those arguments in the same order with details and examples from the textbook or the PowerPoints and attachments. Make the discussion flow smoothly. Also, make your own position clear within the thesis or, at least,
within the first two paragraphs. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE NEEDED. NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED.You need only the textbook and the attached files here.
Gladwell argues that “small changes in context” can play a major role in how humans act. This seems to violate our biggest assumptions about human nature. What does “human nature” mean if you accept Gladwell’s arguments? Is it possible to create any form of human nature just by manipulating the context? Does Gladwell’s view suggest that humans are more “free” (have more free will) than previously thought or that their behavior is more “fully determined” than thought?

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