Write an essay: Please choose one of the following four prompts, below, and writ

Write an essay: Please choose one of the following four prompts, below, and write a 2-3 page literary essay in response thereto. Avoid plot summary and incorporate quotes. Use standard conventions of grammar, spelling, style, and usage. Set your font to Times New Roman 12-point. Double-space and use one-inch margins throughout. Please use MLA format, including in-text citations and a works cited. (Check the Purdue OWL for information on MLA format.) 80 points, maximum.
Prompt Option 1: Invisible Man insists that juxtaposing himself against the light proves and illuminates his existence. He alleges, “Light confirms my reality, gives
birth to my form …. Without light I am not only invisible, but formless as well; and to be unaware of one’s form is to live a death” (Ellison 6-7). How does light, dark(ness), blindness, and invisibility shape and inform Invisible Man’s identity and attitudes?
Prompt Option 2: One of the concepts in the novel is how an individual discovers his or her identity. Invisible Man states that “my problem was that I always tried to go in everyone’s way but my own. I have also been called one thing and then another while no one really wished to hear what I called myself. So after years of trying to adopt the opinions of others I finally rebelled. I am an invisible man” (Ellison 573). By choosing to become “invisible,” does Invisible Man fulfill his
agenda of determining his own identity? Or is his invisibility yet another form of identity thrust upon him by others and/or society? Does Invisible Man base his identity and reality on self-reflection, or is his self-perception constructed by how
others see or do not see him?
Prompt Option 3: How does Invisible Man respond in some significant way to justice or injustice? Analyze Invisible Man’s understanding of justice and the degreeto which his search for justice is successful.
Prompt Option 4: One definition of madness is mental delusion or the eccentric behavior arising from it. Yet, Emily Dickinson wrote, “Much Madness is divinest Sense— / To a discerning Eye—.” Novelists and playwrights have often seen
madness with a “discerning Eye.” How does Invisible Man’s apparent madness or irrational behavior play an important role in the novel? Is his behavior the result of insanity and/or fury? What does this delusional or eccentric behavior consist of, and how might it be judged as actually reasonable and sane? Explain the significance of the madness to the work as a whole.
Please make a google doc.

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