Write an expository essay on one of the assigned primary sources we have covered so far (i.e., plato’s apology, “the myth of the gyges” in the republic book ii or aristotle’s nichomachean ethics).

write an expository essay on one of the assigned primary sources we have covered so far (i.e., Plato’s Apology, “The Myth of the Gyges” in The Republic Book II or Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics). You must reconstruct or summarize a short passage. By a ‘passage’ is meant any sentence or set of sentences. You should choose the shortest passage in the primary source that contains an argument of interest. You may pick a more complicated passage, but this is not recommended.
Your exposition should explain only the argumentative material in the chosen passage.
1) You must note from which primary source your passage is derived.
2) You must note as precisely as possible where your passage is located in the primary source.
3) You must identify and define any and all important terms in the passage (i.e a dictionary definition). By an important term is meant any term the meaning of which is necessary for determining what the argument is about.
4) You must make explicit the argument(s) or major point(s) made by the author. Premises and conclusions/sub-conclusions must be identified explicitly.
5) You must determine whether the argument is inductive or deductive and evaluate the argument in terms of strength/cogency or validity/soundness. (Use excerpts from the apology except I sent in the files)

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