Write in third person impersonal.

Short essay
The grading for this is based on a demonstrated understanding of the material, conceptual thinking, coherence, and grammar. Students should use appropriate terminology and define/explain terms. Student’s writing needs to show mastery of the material; be expansive in your answers. Word count is between 350 to 375 words. Essay’s below 340 words will not be graded. Essays below 350 words lose points. Essays over 400 words will lose points. With such limited amount of words, students should not waste words with an opening and closing. Get to the point quickly and pack your word count with meaningful content. Word count fillers will not earn a good grade. Do not give opinions.
WRITE IN THIRD PERSON IMPERSONAL. Write it as if you were giving a report on a person you did not know personally.
Each person of course is raised by some guardian to adulthood. Pick ONE of your guardians to evaluate against the parenting styles by Baumrind. You will likely see your guardian’s behavior as a blend. Pick the dominant style and explain the style and the examples which support your selection of that particular parenting style. Give at least one unique example of why the guardian’s behavior does not fit the other styles (which at minimum requires the student to define the other styles). No citations are needed.
At the very end of your essay explain why psychologically it is an advantage to write the essay in third person instead of first person. This answer DOES NOT count toward your essay word count.

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