writing about is BMW and their Corporate Social Responsibility.

The following points are requirements for the essay, they need to be met in order for a passing grade. the company you will be writing about is BMW and their Corporate Social Responsibility.
Writing theme
For Professional Writing you will do research about a CSR-related dilemma that concerns your chosen public company. You will form an opinion about the dilemma and write an argumentative essay about it.
What is CRS about? Some quotes(examples):
– Corporate Social Responsibility is ‘A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship through their waste and pollution reduction processes, by contributing educational and social programs, and by earning adequate returns on the employed resources.’ (www.businessdictionary.com)
– ‘The Dutch government wants to ensure that Dutch companies engage in socially responsible business practices abroad. This means companies should take account of human rights, working conditions and the environment in their operations.’ (www.government.nl)
Tip: To learn more about CSR, and arguments in favor and against it, watch the video that is added below: ‘CSR, the what, why and how. A debate about business and CSR’.
How to find a dilemma?
You are asked to think of a CSR -related topic that is or could be relevant to the public company you will analyze for the Financial Analysis unit. Because you need to write an argumentative essay, the topic you choose should involve tension or a possible dilemma for the company.
To find a suitable CSR related theme for your individual 1000-word argumentative essay that is relevant for your chosen public company, do the following:
1. Read the Annual Report of your chosen public company, and study their website. What do they write (or not) about CSR – related topics? What makes you curious? What do you miss? Which CSR- related dilemma could play a role in the company? Or, where do you see CSR opportunities for the company? What role could CSR play in the financial results of a business, in the investment advice, to which kind(s) of persona(s)? An aspect of CSR that you can (also) think of is human trafficking. The Law unit addresses this topic, and perhaps it applies to your public company.
2. Check if the company has been in the news recently. Are there any news reports about topics that relate to the company’s CSR policies and practices? See for example the news reports added below, about Unilever, Postillion Hotels, C&A, and Ryanair.
3. To form your opinion and ‘to make your case’, find and make use of academic research that has been done into CSR-topics that you will address in your essay. Make use of key words when you search. You must use at least 3 *academic sources. Academic sources are: research journal articles and university textbooks. If you search for them in our library’s online databases, they will be free of charge in most cases. For help to find relevant academic sources, please go to our Course information & Learning materials on Blackboard.
Next to these 3 academic sources – so not instead of them-, other sources such as company sources or reliable (news) websites may be used.
* Research journal articles can be recognized by the set up: Abstract-Introduction-Method-Discussion-Conclusion.
How to write an argumentative essay about it?
Make sure you understand the nature of an argumentative essay. It is not an informative essay (year 1). The homework you have to prepare for each workshop will guide you step by step. You argue against and in favor of a debatable thesis statement regarding your chosen theme in writing, and so try to convince the reader of your position. You use a consistent pattern of argumentation. Elements from year 1 debate skills that are further developed, are:

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