You are a License Professional Clinical Counselor/License Alcohol and Drug Couns

You are a License Professional Clinical Counselor/License Alcohol and Drug Counselor in private practice. You are having your first post-assessment session with Kendra, a 32-year-old African American transgender woman with a history of panic symptoms and daily alcohol use. In your assessment, you learned that Kendra has had several periods of abstinence from alcohol, and during each has utilized mutual support groups. She has struggled to find Women for Sobriety contacts and women’s AA meetings that are free from judgment about her gender identity; however, she believes that both programs are helpful, and wants to continue participating in them. Kendra states that her biggest barrier to ongoing sobriety is dealing with her anxiety, which you have assessed as consistent with panic disorder. She says she has been afraid to see a therapist about them “because I know they’d want me to take meds that would mess with my sobriety.” Nonetheless, she expresses a willingness to work with you and consider your recommendations.
1. How would you address Kendra’s concerns about medication?
2. What would you say or do to empower Kendra in her decision-making about her care?
3. What other resources might be available to Kendra? Go online and look for Twin Cities in Minnesota metro area resources for Kendra as a transgender woman seeking mental health and substance use disorder recovery.
4. Provide a link to one resource and explain why you think it would be helpful.

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