You have been invited to be an expert guest lecturer at a local university in a

You have been invited to be an expert guest lecturer at a local university in a disaster psychology class. Your job is to give a presentation based on a disaster from the last 20 years. Your lecture needs to include consideration of the following factors: the scope of the disaster, community impact, psychological and health risks to first responders, psychological assessment, impact on the psychological functioning of first responders and civilian victims, and the need of the community.

Create a PowerPoint. include your name, class, title, name of the assignment, and date at the beginning of the assignment. 1. identify and present a disaster that occurred in the past 20 years. As part of this discussion, including how relevant media sources and political events influenced the response to this disaster.
2. Discuss the impact of the disaster on the community/civilian victims and identify the psychological and health risks to first responders. key components must be given for this specific disaster. 3. explain how you would assess for trauma-induced psychiatric disorders in the first responders following this disaster. What factors might challenge this process?
4. Identity how community resources were strong and areas in which they were lacking following disasters. What suggestions for community outreach efforts would you makes?
5. Add at least 4 pictures (illustrations/charts/graphics or videos) and give a caption to indicate which requirement relates to that picture.
Please try not to use 9/11

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