You must use apa formatting for this assignment.

Your job is to find as much data as possible to articulate your position intelligently with facts to back up your position. The assignment is required to be uploaded in a Word document. You should research the 737 Max using only legitimate resources. Wiki sites are not considered legitimate sources and cannot be used. You will have access to NTSB reports for the crashes. There is at least one NTSB report for the Lion Air crash of the Boeing 737 Max, but there are multiple articles regarding the issues. You can look up media reports, but ensure the sources you are using are credible experts from the aerospace industry. Did Boeing have any indications of the problems that existed prior to accidents? Please pay special attention to the certifying process. Keep in mind, the FAA certified this aircraft as airworthy. Do you see any problems with how the FAA certifies aircraft? Does the manufacturer have too much influence over the certifying process? Was the grounding premature or not quick enough? You are allowed to use deductive reasoning, but you are not allowed to input your opinion into this assignment. Please ensure you are doing your own work, using your own words, and citing sources. You must use APA formatting for this assignment. If you fail to cite your work it will be considered plagiarism and may result in failing grade. I will be grading content as well as properly written papers. Length required is 2 pages minimum, with no more than 3 maximum. Any over or under will have points deducted. Do not feel the need to fluff your papers. Make very certain you properly cite your papers both in text and with a Bibliography. PurdueOwl is a very helpful site for help in proper formatting and referencing for your papers.

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