you need to do Analyse and evaluate internal and/or external global environment

you need to do Analyse and evaluate internal and/or external global environment Analyse and evaluate internal and/or external global environment for nike
Nike Analyse and evaluate internal and/or external global environment of an organization).
Important Rules, Please Read Carefully:
• the company is Nike.
• Report should not exceed 1500 words excluding cover page and references.
the a company(Nike) and do research on its strategic issues with information/data from secondary sources. Ensure that your information is current! Use a mix of academic and business newspaper sources such as Financial Times. Base your reasoning on current events, for instance support through Financial Times (or the like) articles not older than 6 months!
• The report should be type written, 1.5 line-spaced, using 12-point size font.
• The cover page should provide the complete name of the student, student ID number, and course code.
•The report should contain the following sections:
1. A cover page;
2. Introduction to the company:
o Brief history of the Company & Current Status)
3. Analysis of the company (Mission, Vision, Goals, Core Values);
o (Critically analyse the mission/vision/goals of the organization using the Richard rumelt and porter’s 6the six principle of strategic positioning on session1 .
4. Analysis of the Macro-Environment (PEST Analysis);
o What PEST forces affect the industry?
o What are the opportunities and threats facing the organization?
You need to analyze it like session 3 table 4-1 you do not need to chose all of them first list of the factors that important with reasons 2- look at the opportunities threat you need to use articles from wall street and financial times also you can see the Mckinsey .com general information a bout the industry then like it with
5. Analysis of the Industry:
o Define the industry and its profitability. Analyse the industrial competition by using Porters 5 Forces. session 3 slied 32-44
6. Analysis of Internal Environment: session 4
o Identify and analyse critical value chain activities.
o Conduct a VRIO analysis to identify core resources and capabilities.
o What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses?
7. Conclusion;
o Conclusion and Future of Organization o Evaluate the organization’s profile for future competitiveness and success
8. List of References; and
9. Appendices.
the attachment will help to understand the reqrements ,

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