You will write about your research in an APA-style 7 paper (7pages double space)

You will write about your research in an APA-style 7 paper (7pages double space). You will need to find a minimum of 5 scholarly articles that you will find from google scholor – that have been written about your construct so that you can use that information in your paper! The “Introduction” you will open up writing about your topic than write 5 separate paragraphs summarizing each scholarly article that you found. Than the last paragraph in the intro you will write about the results from your questionnaire. In the intro section you will describe why a measure of this construct is needed and your hypotheses. The purpose of the study is to create and analyze the reliability/validity of a new measure of ‘your construct’. The “Methods” section should include information about the participants, the instrument (questionnaire), and the procedure (how data was collected). A copy of the questionnaire should appear as an Appendix in your paper (rather than listing the questions in the “methods” section). The “Results” section should include sub-sections (i.e. descriptive statistics, reliability, and validity). The “Discussion” section will describe the findings in the same subsections as the “Results” section, as well as include a section on any limitations and/or suggestions for future directions. Finally, you will write the reference of the articles used in APA style for the “References” section

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