Your Book Review should include the following. Label the sections: What to inclu

Your Book Review should include the following. Label the sections:
What to include:
1. Introduction: Introduce the genre of the book, the title, and the author. Give us some insight on why you selected the book. Include some insightful information: (10%)
2. Summary: Give a brief summary of the book, but don’t include the ending. Your summary should include references to the following: (30%) 
a. What was the book about?  b. Who were the main characters? How would you describe them? c. What are the major conflicts and discussion points?  (Make sure you write enough detail that makes this section interesting)
3. Personal Experience: Discuss personal experiences or connections to the book. (Choose at least two questions below) (20%)
1. Could you relate to any of the characters in the story?
2. Have you ever done some of the things or felt some of the same things the characters did?
3. Do you have any connections to the setting or historical period?
4. Why are you interested in this topic?
4. Your opinion of the book and how does it relay to our class?
4. Discuss your opinion of the book. (Answer at least three of the questions below) (20%)
1. Did you enjoy the book?
2. How does the book relate to the course you are taking?
3. If you could change one thing about the book what would it be?
4. What did you gain by reading this book?
5. How did the book relate to the course you are taking?
5. Conclusion:(20%)
1. Site three references or examples from our text book to your reading.
2. What did you learn from reading the book
3. What it the “one” thing you’d like to communicate to the class about this book?
Use Times New Roman Font Only
12-point font size
Double Spaced
The book report is to be written in APA style 7th edition
Title page with running head
The body of the pages should be 3 written pages of writing, not to include reference pages.

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