Your initial assignment for this discussion post was convincing that nurses shou

Your initial assignment for this discussion post was convincing that nurses should be unionized.
Read following reply to your initial post and
take into account feedback received from classmate. Reply back in your own words, clear, accurate and in complete sentences and should include a clear response to peer’s suggestions at the end of the posting. Your arguments should encourage someone who has the alternative point of view consider the possibility that you may be correct.
Reply to Post Received:
I do not entirely agree with this argument. While unions are beneficial to some they do not work for everyone. Unions may get nurses more pay or benefits but the nurse in turn has to pay dues to the union. This cuts into the raise that was fought for so the nurse still isn’t getting as much. Unions also commonly utilize striking as a tactic to get what they want. During this time a unionized nurse is likely not getting paid and won’t be compensated for striking as I understand it. This seems counterproductive if the nurses only care about their pay. In terms of stiking and patient safety there is the risk of extremely unsafe staffing conditions and while it is unfair to the nurse to have a high nurse to patient ratio it is also unfair to the patients to be unwillingly put at risk with travel nurses or strike nurses thrown into an unfamiliar hospital to care for them. I think there are better ways to fight for what nurses deserve without putting patients at risk because the patient should be the focus. In the above paragraph you also said unions are vital to pulling people together and while the unionized nurses may feel that way it’s not necessarily true for the interdisciplinary team and management in the hospital. Nurses are the only healthcare workers to unionize and as a result of the union fees other healthcare workers can suffer pay cuts. Unions also cut off the open communication between nurses and management which is essential to everyday operations. It slows down progress to have someone in the middle of everything instead of being able to communicate directly. It seems like it would be a stressful, uncomfortable work environment which is not the goal from what I have read. I think more of the specific benefits need to be expanded upon for this argument to become stronger and more believable.

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