Your interpretation shouldn’t be replaced with other critics’ ones.

Hi, there. my professor said the following and I should change the thesis accordingly.
You show a good understanding of the literary texts and critical materials.
It means that you spent a lot of time writing this thesis. You show a fairly good command of English, frequently using idiomatic expressions needed in this kind of scholarly writing. This is a good part.
But as a thesis your writing needs a deep revision.
First of all, check how to write an academic essay, especially how to quote other critics’ views in your writing in a proper manner. Many of direct quotations in your writing are not acceptable by my standard.
Provide textual evidence when you make arguments rather than quote other critics’ opinions. You are supposed to give your own interpretation. Your interpretation shouldn’t be replaced with other critics’ ones. If you directly quote other critic’s view, it cannot be your one. You are usually supposed to give some comments on it.
Reorganize the structure of your thesis.
Categorize socio-cultural and religious factors for you to discuss in your thesis.
I suggest that you should start your writing with the ideas you have in Chapter 4: Comparision and Chapter 5: Conclusion.
On Chapter 1 and Chapter 2:
You may discuss Navoi and Shakespeare in terms of biography or sources of the works in the introduction as stepping stones of writing but it has to be closely related to your discussion in the main part of the thesis in one way or another.
You don’t need to give this kind of general information, if it is not necessary when you make your argument.
On Chapter 3:
This part seems to be a general interpretation of the poetry and the play. This is not the work you are supposed to do in your thesis.
You need to have a specific plan for writing. Cut off many irrelevant materials
even if they are interesting to you. Thesis is quite different from general commentaries. It should be highly well-focused. Do not just follow plot lines but discuss topics for your thesis.
–the end

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