Your Professional Philosophy is your chance to bring all of these aspects of you

Your Professional Philosophy is your chance to bring all of these aspects of yourself in one place, to integrate who you are as a person and who you are as a professional. The content should address at least 4-5 of the following;
What do you believe about how children learn and what methods are effective?
What are the essential qualities of an effective professional?
What do you believe about the role of family and community?
What theoretical perspectives support your beliefs?
How do you develop and maintain positive relationships with students, families, co-workers? How do you collaborate with others?
How do you create a supportive learning environment?
What are your most important learning goals?
How have/can you make a difference in the lives of young children?
Furthermore, your professional philosophy should clearly demonstrate analytical thinking, depth and complexity. The statement should include specific examples to support statements, beliefs, and opinions.
A Professional Philosophy is a set of beliefs about how children develop and learn and what and how they should be taught. A Professional Philosophy should be; continuously updated, included in a professional portfolio, and shared with families, and supervisors.
You might want to draw from this quote in your explanation:
“…professional practice entails teaching with and from a philosophy of education, which acts as a guidepost to help you support your teaching on what you believe about children”
Reflect on previous coursework and training as a source of ideas to include in your philosophy statement. The examples below are not an exhaustive list, but simply some ideas to get you started.
•Learning Theory/Child Development
•Historical Perspectives
•Curriculum Approaches
•Contemporary Issues
•Individualizing for All Children
•Cultural Competence/Working with Families
In addition to coursework, your own self-awareness is a source. Draw upon your strengths and your professional goals and other reflections, and/or educational/professional philosophies you’ve written in the past.
You might also consider using quotes as a source and including one or two. Make sure they are not too long, because you have a precious amount of space. Make sure they represent your overarching philosophy, or a part of it and then follow the quote with your explanation of how you apply that quote in your philosophy. Make sure to not include quotes without accompanying explanations.
Demonstrate an awareness of your audience. Although you are submitting this philosophy to the instructional team for an assignment in this course, this valuable statement is really designed for a potential or current employer/supervisor, families of children you serve, and/or colleagues. This statement is perfect to share in several ways, you might post in your classroom, share with families you serve, new supervisors, colleagues, or assistants.
In closing, I would like to share several formatting guidelines:
First, writing quality matters! Proofread to check for grammar and clarity and ensure that it is easy to read. Break up long chunks of text, consider bolding important headings, using bullets, and/or other strategies to increase readability. Use a font that is easy to read, both in printed and electronic forms, such as Times New Roman.
Use APA formatting to prepare this assignment, which includes a title page, 12-point font, double spaced, in-text citations to the sources that support your guiding principles, theory and professional philosophy and a complete reference list at the end.

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